Health & Safety

At Myra Falls Mine, our goal is ‘zero harm’. The health and safety of our employees, suppliers, contractors and business partners is paramount. We are committed to building a safety culture across the mine in which the value of safety is embedded at every level of the workforce.

Key Principles:

  • Do it safely or not at all!
  • There is always time to do it right!

We are committed to maintaining zero fatalities, preventing catastrophic events and reducing injuries. We are a learning organization enabling a safe, responsible and productive business that protects and cares for human life and wellbeing.


Everyone going home safe and healthy everyday
Our vision of a safe and healthy workplace is guided by the belief that:

  • Safety and Health is a core value
  • A Safe and Healthy workplace is everyone’s responsibility
  • All incidents are preventable

Strategic Priority:

Eliminate fatalities, serious injuries and occupational disease.